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24 miles north of Derby and 11 miles south of Sheffield at the confluence of the River Rother and River Hipper.

Town Centre - 1928

Town Centre - 1928

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The town received its market charter in 1204 from King John, which constituted the town as a free borough. In 1266, the Battle of Chesterfield saw a band of rebel barons defeated by a royalist army. Elizabeth I granted a charter in 1594 or 1598, creating a corporation of a mayor, six aldermen, six brethren, and twelve capital burgesses. This remained its charter until the borough was reshaped under the Municipal Corporations Act 1835. It originally consisted only of the township of Chesterfield, but absorbed some surrounding townships in 1892. There was a major extension when the borough absorbed New Whittington and Newbold urban district in 1920. Chesterfield's current boundaries date from 1 April 1974, when the Borough of Chesterfield was formed under the Local Government Act 1972 by amalgamating the municipal borough, the urban district of Staveley and the parish of Brimington from Chesterfield Rural District. - Wikipedia.

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"The Chesterfield area has been inhabited by people since at least the 1st century AD, with a Roman fort known to have existed on the site. However, the name of the town as we know it today was put in place centuries later by the Anglo Saxon villagers who lived there. The name comes from two Old English words - ceaster , which means Roman fort, and feld , which means pasture. Over time that has become Chesterfield." - Derbyshire live.

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