Buildings in tupton

Terraces, including Springfield and Conway

Terraces, including Springwell and Conway

Thanks to Sandie Rollinson

Mrs  Dunn  & Anne outside Springwell Terraces 1958 - Paul Elliott

Mrs Dunn & Anne outside Springwell Terraces 1958

Thanks to Paul Elliott

Back wall of 2, Springwell Terrace  now!

This is the only piece left of the old rows and shop end of springwell terraces that was demolished around early 60s when Mr Mosley built a house there the land in the picture is where 2 springwell terrace stood the toilets and dustbin holes where on the back wall.

Thanks to Paul Elliott

Hagg Hill Hall

Hagg Hill House

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Included is Jo Morton's small shop on Green Lane (last page). Jo Morton's daughter said that her father used to call all the male customers Tom and all the female customers Glenis. Margaret also remembered the small stoll Joe had in his shop where sometimes people would sit and want to chat. Joe always made time to listen to his customers.

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