Procession of Witness - 'Whit Walk'

Possibly on Station Road - before the houses and bungalows were built in front of Tupton Hall School. To the left of the picture there are what appears to be slabs etc ready for work to start.

Thanks to Stephen Alfred Westbury and Pam Windley.


Ladies (Whit Ladies) from Victoria Road Chapel in Ankerbold House after a Whit Walk. (1930's or 40's?)

Thanks to Catherine Moorcroft for the Whit Ladies.

Whit Monday - 1944 Outside the Co-Op.

May 1948

Thanks to Ann Holmes

   1964 Whit Walk

     1967 Whit Walk

     1970 Whit Walk


Late 1970's or early 80's

Queen Victoria Road.

Mrs Shaw to the front of the camera with the band in the background.

North Side

Walking up Davenport Road. The man who is front left is Ken Bradley he always used to lead processions and had a good strong voice – one to be heard! 

Again going up Davenport Road. Pam Windley to the front left wearing a blue trouser suit Mr Chinnery front middle Mr Yates ? is the man at the back support the Pole with red shirt on. At the back of him with the dark dress was possibly his wife.

On the green near the bungalows. Looking towards the camera with blue jumpsuit on Pam Windley. To the left with his back to the camera is Mr Chinnery.

Thanks to Valerie Roe and Pam Windley.


Peter Lacey in robes - 2009.


Last Whit Walk - 2011