People of tupton

Jenny Linicker, Dianne Roberts, Pamela Pegg

 Left to Right: Jenny Linicker, Dianne Roberts, Pamela Pegg

Not sure of date possibly 1950's maybe the day of a Whit Walk.

Thanks to Pam Widley and ANO.


4 girls outside St.John's Church.

Who are these 4 girls?

"This belonged to my aunt who died in 1960. She married a man from Tupton Walter Scot in 1928. They lived in Tupton but were back in Clay Cross about 1945 give or take a year. In 1939 they were living at Ankerbold Farm owned by the Mather family I seem to think they had a cottage within the farm yard. They mean nothing to me feel I cannot just throw them away, you may have more success than me in finding out who they are. They did try to move to Ward St, but the landlord would not allow them to keep their dog, so they came to Clay Cross, the house was later bombed in the War. They always said the dog saved their lives. One of the victims of the bombing is buried in Clay Cross Cemetery."

Thanks to Kathleen Hawkins

Tommy Stamp on Horse. Tommy a well known farmer and milk man in Tupton and Wingerworth is sat on the Horse with Margaret his daughter. Tommy's father is holding the horse and the young woman we think is Edna Haykin ( nee Westbury ) who did some work on the farm.

Rebecca and Herbert Turner with Kathleen (then Turner) became Stamp. The Turners bought Whitehouse Farm when the Hunloke estate was sold off.

John Madin who built and named Madin Street and other properties in Tupton. Lived in big stone house above Madin street.

Not sure where this is. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks to John Stamp and Pam Windley

Bertha Cantrill, Kath Elliott, Midge White, Ada Simpson. This was possibly taken in the New Inn. Year unknown.

Thanks to Gail Hamson


Paul Elliott, his mother, eldest sister Kath and youngest Gail. Paul and his brothers - 10 children in all.

Thanks to Paul Elliott.

Left to right Karen Cowlishaw, Steve Capewell, Katherine Wilbourne.

Katherine Wilbourne and Karen Cowlishaw. Late 60's. Taken on the 'Top Road' as it is known to locals - this is Derby Road near the fall lane ends roundabout - the houses which stand back.

Thanks to Valerie Roe.

Graham Whiston on bike in Ward Street (about 1950/53)

Thanks to Paul Elliott.

Three ladies are Mac backhouse's grandma on the left - Beatrice shepherd, in the middle Maud shepherd, On the right, Amy shepherd - (she married a Gascoigne) They were born on Edward Street and their mother Eliza summers ne shepherd died when she was 23 years old

William Shepherd he was Mac Backhouse's great grandfather. William shepherd 1859 1943 He lived on Edward Street.

Thanks to Mac Backhouse.

Martha Watson ( nee Gascoyne ) is on the right possibly outside the ( Wesley ? ) Chapel in the old rows of houses at the back of Green lane. Taken it is thought in the 1940's.

Thanks to Gary Whitmore

G. H. Elvin with Judy the Dog and Midge the lamb. School palying Field - 1958.

First Leavers from Tupton Play Group 1974 - 75 L to R Philip Wilson  David Cooper, Samantha Kempa, Alun Waterhouse, David Bingham and Jonathan Clarke.

Tupton Nurse Lenthall Great Grandmother to susan and Margaret Price.

Whit Sunday 1979.  

K. Davis and Sam Kempa with Ruth Fox wearing her rainmate.

M. Elvin at Ankerbold House.

Mrs Winifred Hancock with her son Harry Hancock outside Ankerbold House - 1960's.

St. Johns Church Fayre ( Maybe 1980's) Reverend and Mrs Joyce, Mrs Elvin is passing the jar to them.




Harry and Winifred Hancock Ward Street terraces.

Men's outing from Tupton

Standing:  ?  Andy Smith  Sitting: Fred Baker  ?  Geoff Price  Harry Price  Sam Baker.

Red Cross Society (Tupton School Hall)

Left to Right:  ?  ?  G. H. Elvin  ?  Mrs Elvin,   ?  Mrs Jackson, Dr Hanrsatty  ?  ?  Col. Jackson

Lefr to Right - Top to Bottom: Mrs R. Price, Alf Poyser, Sam Price, F. Price, Dorothy Price, Harry Hancock  ?  Winifred Hancock.  ?  Dylis Banner.

6 June 1942 - St. John's Church.

School Field - 1931


Man on the left is unknown the middle one Alf Poyser and on the right Frank Price.


The wedding of Mr and Mrs Arthur Thompson at St. John's Church.

Thanks to Margaret Kempa.

Tupton A.R.P. Men

Tupton A.R.P. Men


Tupton Rec 1950 - Paul Eliott

Tupton rec with Kath and Anne Dunn around 1950.

Thanks to Paul Eliott

Kath Cantrill ( nee Elliott ) with Graham Cantrill

Kath Cantrill ( nee Elliott ) with Graham Cantrill 

Taken early 60's on the back wall of Springwell Terrace, with the Elliott families dog Lassie who lived with them for nearly 20 years.

We think the flats in the back ground will be the ones on North Side

Thanks to Paul Elliott 

Diane Roberts is the child.

Diane Roberts is the child. Diane was the daughter of Mr Roberts who was a teacher in Tupton Primary / junior School.

The entrance to where Sunningdale is.

Thanks to Pam Windley

 Kathleen French at the back, then left to right Vera Walters, Eliza Goodwin in the middle and Kathleen Maidin at the end. Photo was taken in the Tupton School playground - 1936.

Thanks to Ida Nicholls nee walters and her daughter Jane.