St. John's Church

Back row of Tupton St. John's Church 1918. Sat down far right Mr G. H. Elvin.

Outside St. John's Church - (1938) F. Price, R. Holmes & A. Poyser.

Kathleen Turner front right with Harold Thorpe rear centre. Harold married Edna Turner and she and Harold built the detached house at the top of Whitehouse Farm drive which was in land presumably given them by Edna's father Herbert Turner. Harold was a joiner and undertaker and moved to Ashover.

St. John's Sunday School - 1961.

 Margaret Holland is the young girl leaning on the chair. The other 2 in front of the picture with same jumpers on is heather Whyman and to her right is Julie Whyman.

About 1963.

Wedding of D & F Price

Thanks to John Stamp and Pam Windley

1928 Outside Tupton Church- Seated F. Price, H. Price standig behind.  

Rebecca Price (ne Cashmore) 6th from right. Sam Price behind. Mrs Winifred Handcock ne Lentall 10th from left. Mrs Hunt next to Mrs & Mr Sam Price, Mrs Leverton, Sally Wright 8th from right front row Mr Raines 2nd from right Ada Simpson on the bus Mr & Mrs L. Bolton.



Busy Bees - Shirley Hawkins & Margaret Cowlishaw

 Shirley Hawkins & Margaret Cowlishaw

Busy Bees


Jonathan - 2000


Charles Berisford - 2000

Charles Berisford

Redorating the church - 2000


Rev Clive Burrows last Service - 26 July 2009




Before the re-ordering of St. John's Church (2011).