Clay Cross Station.

Ken Seeny's Van (Tupton Man) outside Clay Cross Station.

At the back of the photo above. Graham Whiston & Ray Speed locking doors of Clay Cross Station at midnight of 31 December 1966. Ray still lives in Tupton & Graham now lives in Selston originaly from ward Street.

Passenger train going though Clay Cross Station.

Goods train going though Clay Cross Station.

Bottom of Hagg Hill

From Ankerbold Bridge with Clay Cross works and wagon shop which is still there today.

Thanks to Paul Elliott

Thanks to Graham Hughes

Thanks to David Harrison

About 1963/4

Thanks to Gail Hamson and her brother. Also to George Elliott

Graham Whiston (aged 20) at Clay Cross Station. Graham passed away on 13 August 2015

Thanks to Glen Hankin

Clay Cross station Graham Whiston (taken around 1965/66)

Clay Cross station (waiting for names!) (taken around 1965/66)

Thanks to Paul Elliott

Clay Cross Station

Clay Cross Station

Photographer unknown

Thanks to Gavin Heath & Old pictures of North Wingfield.

Clay Cross Station