Herbert Holland and Lizzie Laurence Family

 Laurence & holland family photos

Herbert was born 1st January 1900 at East Street, Grassmoor he was the son of Joseph Henry Holland and Ann Hollinshead.
Lizzie was born 11th March 1901 when the family lived at Conway Terrace.
Her parents were Joyce Betton and Frederick Laurence, both families had moved to Tupton from other areas, many of their descendants settled in the area as well. Richard Betton her father was involved with Tupton Brass Band
They married 17th April 1922 and lived on Conway Terrace, later moving to 32 Queen Victoria Rd in Tupton. They had 3 sons and one daughter. My father was Albert Holland their 2nd son born 5th September 1929.
Strangely I have no memory of the house on Conway Terrace but have clear memories of them moving to Queen Victoria Rd and all the family helping moving their furniture etc. I remember my Uncle bouncing me and my cousin down the steps at the front of the house in a wheelbarrow.
I have many happy memories of time spent with my grandparents and cousins.
Grandad Herbert was involved with the local branch of the Royal British Legion and I remember going to local houses with him and later my cousin selling poppies. We always went to the cenotaph on remembrance Sunday and he would wear his medals with pride. He would make sure we all had our poppies on correctly.
I also have memories of day trips to Cleethorpes when all my aunts, uncles and cousins would go, I’m not sure who organised this, but it was always a good day out.
Grandad Herbert was also the treasurer for the Village Hall fund that was started to raise money for the new Village hall on Green Lane. They raised funds in many ways, I remember people coming to their house to pay the tote money.
They also ran Bingo meetings, when the numbers faded on the bingo balls, we were set on repainting the numbers.
There was a big sign in front of the church that showed the amount of money they had raised, it was great to see the numbers rising steadily, the prospect of a new hall was exciting.
Tupton Flower show every September was also something we never missed, my family was very keen gardeners growing both vegetables and flowers.

My Parents Albert Holland born 5th September 1929 and Margaret Nottingham Born 12 February 1932
My parents Albert Holland and Margaret Nottingham settled in Tupton at Conway Terrace and lived there when I was born. Although I only have memories of living at 27 Redfearn Street in the upstairs flat.
I started school at Tupton Infants, I think the first teachers name was Mrs Cope and second class was Mrs Matthews We moved to live in Chesterfield when I was about six.
I have many happy memories of time spent at Tupton, playing in the Rec off North side and the old bombsite off Ward street, I never really knew that this was a bomb site till I was older and heard the story.
There had always been a saying in our family that Our Albert (My Dad) could sleep through a bomb dropping, I thought this meant he slept well as he always seemed to do. The truth of it is that on the night the bomb dropped hitting houses on Ward St, my Grandma had to carry him from the house to the shelter and he slept though it all. I only found out because I asked if he could remember the bomb about 15-20 years ago.
He also told me that they used to have go collecting door to door to raise money to send items out to the soldiers and how upset every one was about the people were killed by the bomb
I have spent many years researching my family history and have realised many names I remember from my childhood were actually relations, in fact it seems as if at one point we had connections with most people.
If anyone has connections with the Betton, Laurence/Lawrence families I would love to hear from you.

Sandie Rollinson with thanks.